Family Culture Project

Practical online training program to help parents create a family culture of wholeness, connection, and purpose.


Our step-by-step training will help you...

Create Clear Family Values

Don't raise your family on accident. Create a vision for your family with clear family values and then overhaul your life to make that vision a reality.

Become the Parent You Want to Be

Parent from a place of wholeness, where you are your best self more often than not, and where you model for your kids what it looks like to be secure, balanced and an emotionally intelligent person.

Learn the Art of Connection

Society is full of broken relationships. Change the statistics by creating an emotionally intelligent family culture where each person experiences connection and belonging.

Change Your Family Narrative

Every family is telling a story. You have what it takes to break unhealthy cycles, lead your family on purpose, and create a beautiful legacy. 

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Does your family feel scattered and disconnected?

  • Does your family lack vision and direction?
  • Do you wish your family had clear values to help you make decisions in life?
  • Do your relationships feel strained, disconnected or volatile?
  • Does anyone in your family struggle with fear, anxiety, depression?
  • Do you find yourself disciplining the same behaviors over and over again?

Are you intentional about your days or merely just surviving?

  • Are you tired, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious?
  • Are endless to-do’s and money problems running your life?
  • Do you feel like time is slipping away and you are missing something critical?
  • Do you long to break unhealthy family cycles, but don't know where to start?
  • Do you want to raise kids that know their purpose and carry your family values out into the world?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then our program is for you.

What is Family Culture and Who Are We?

Culture can be summed up as the things we do and the beliefs we have simply because its what we know. These are the things we do on autopilot, without having to think about them.

We all have a family culture. The ways we interact with each other, the priorities we keep, the ways we spend our time and our money. It determines how we talk to each other, how we dress, what we eat, how we engage in relationships, our religious and political beliefs, our hobbies and our passions. Every family has a way in which they operate. That’s family culture.

The problem is sometimes when we really look at our family culture we don’t like our autopilot. It doesn’t reflect our values or beliefs, and it looks nothing like what we had hoped for our family. Family Culture Project is about helping parents create a new autopilot, one that lines up with their desires, values and core beliefs.

We are Jeremy and Mary Jean Inman, the founders of Family Culture Project. We live in beautiful Eastern Washington with our four favorite little humans. Our passion is to use our 16 years of experience in working with families to guide you in intentionally creating a family culture that you can't wait to pass on to generations to come. Find out more about us and our journey by clicking below.

Our Story

Watch this video about the impact family culture has on kids.


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Family Culture Project Is For


If you are a parent who wants to intentionally create a family culture of wholeness, connection and purpose then our course is for you. Learn more here.

Community Leaders

If you or your organization provide help and guidance for strengthening families check out our course options complete with facilitators trainings and guides.

Church Leaders

If your church wants to reach out to your community by meeting the everyday needs of its families, click here to learn more about our course options complete with small group facilitator trainings and guides.

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